Lot: #18


Category: U.S.
includes hundred of mint and used singles and some multiples, about 70% are used and the rest mint, some of the mint is NH, contained on hundreds of fresh 102 cards, identified and cataloged by Scott, quantities generally range in the 1-3 range per card but some up to about 10 of each, virtually all the items in this stock catalog $20-25 each as singles and run up to about $800 with a few higher, the overall condition is mixed but for the most part most of this inventory is sound with some faults to be expected in the early issues, the key to this lot is that almost every stamp is Fine centering or better, some faults yes but a really good looking lot and quite saleable with this much better than the norm quality, there are early issues (starts with a #1) and runs into the 1920's with a very strong Washingtion-Franklin section, most of the coils here look okay, some 1922-25 series but not much after that, then there is a nice B.O.B. section with Airmails and strong Special Delivery but also includes Dues, Officials and some other misc. items including Ducks, this very high catalog value lot is pretty much ready to go with CURRENT catalog values listed and identification being very accurate so a huge amount of labor is already done, broken down into individual lots for mail auction, retail or internet retail will be extremely easy, we have included a number of scans of the higher value cards on our website and in fact these scans account for about 45% of the total value in the lot, if you need inventory do not let this opportunity slide by
Scott Value: $100,500
Realized: $13000.00