Auction #102-143974-RS4jt

Unused, good color, CR’s, nearly full margins all around, this stamp has over eight blue or red fibers clearly showing on the back and the front of the stamp, this stamp also shows a clear Double Transfer at R., Scott has listed a D.T. for this issue for many years although the current listing is for the Experimental Silk in the Type I variety, this listing is unpriced, it is our opinion when Scott provided two individual listings for Type I and Type II they assumed the Experimental Silk paper would be a Type I variety, since none are known or listed on the Census many believed this variety did not exist in either Type, we have called this item RS4j to expand the listing to include a Experimental Silk for the Type II and then added the “t” for the Double Transfer, it is our opinion the current listing “RS4e” should be re-designated to the Type II and then add the D.T., a most unusual item and a wonderful “New Discovery”, when we discovered the RS244e and then offered this item at auction it realized over $20,000 as a new discovery and new listing, it is certainly possible there are other experimental silks out there for this issue that are yet to be discovered, we suspect there will be dozens of collectors looking through their albums once they have seen this listing, (ENV 15,000-20,000)