Lot: #12


Category: MISC. COVERS
there are two basic parts to this group, there are about 1,000 somewhat better covers which are in albums, stock books and loose and then there are about 5,000 covers in seven show cover style boxes jammed packed into three large cartons, these are the bulky part to the lot and includes the majority of the covers and most would retail in the $3-10 range with maybe a hundred or so which are worth in the $10-25 range, the albums have many covers with values in the $25-50 range and plenty in the $10-25 range, there is an amazing array of different towns here and may we suspect are really quite scarce, the overall collection is mainly in the 1930-45 range with some later and some earlier(back into the teens and twenties), the overall condition is mixed and there are faults to be expected, there is perhaps a 1,000 legal sized Penalty covers, many of the covers are from some of the more famous Alaska postal history collections like: Buchheit(there are a couple thousand various covers from this man), Warren, Anderson, Stanton, Koestler, Moffett, Roe and others, there are a good number of commercial covers included and also a few dozen post cards, without question this is the most extensive Alaska postal history collection we have ever offered and the potential retail value is substancial, we feel at $2.50 a cover this offering is a tremendous bargain given market prices on Alaska postal history being offered online, we have included numerous scans to help any potential bidder with their interest level and evaluation but view this lot in person will be a huge advantage to the specialist in this area as there are certainly several hundred better covers and town here, if you are a serious student in this area don't let this one slip by as collections with this many covers only come up every few generations, (ENV 15,000-20,000)
Realized: $9000.00