Bidding Increments

$50 to $145                                    $5.00

$150 to $290                              $10.00

$300 to $725                              $25.00

$750 to $1,950                          $50.00

$2,000 to $3,900                   $100.00

$4,000 to $7,250                   $250.00

$7,500 to $14,500                $500.00

$15,000 to $24,500         $1,000.00

$25,000 and up                   $2,500.00

Please do not bid in odd increment levels.

*Any bids received that do not conform to the above listed increments levels will be automatically knocked down to the next applicable bidding level.

*Our current buyers fee is 15% of the hammer price.

Bidding Tips

A printed catalog is provided for prospective bidders and each sale is posted on our web site. Opening bids are posted approximately 5-7 days before the closing date of the sale. The opening bids are updated at least once a day five days prior to the closing date. Several lots also have photo scans available on the web site.

Our ABC Auctions also have a live internet bidding component. We use Stamp Auction Network (SAN) as our live bidding platform. Those who are interested in bidding live during the sale will need to go to SAN and register as a bidder and they must request bidding approval from ABC Auctions. Once approval is made, bidders need only go to the SAN home page and click on the ABC Auction link. This will take them to the ABC Auction screen and they will be given a live bidder number for that sale.


1. Make sure you are a registered bidder on Stamp Auction Network.

2. When registering on SAN, request bidder approval from ABC Auctions. Once you are an approved bidder, you will automatically receive a live bidder number during the live session of the auction sale.

3. Opening bids for all lots are published on our website 5-7 days prior to the sale. Find the opening bids for those lots that you are interested in bidding live on. If the posted opening bid exceeds your prospective bid on that lot by a fair amount it is very likely that you will not have an opportunity to buy that lot. If your prospective bid matches or exceeds the posted opening bid you will have a much better chance in buying the lot.

4. Remember that the opening bids may and do change during the live portion of the sale. These changes are due to two circumstances: limit bidders and “or” bids. Be aware of the opening bid changes throughout the sale for those lots you are interested in bidding on. You may have an opportunity to buy a lot that had an opening bid that exceeded your prospective bid prior to the live portion of the sale.

5. When your lot is coming up during he live sale, be aware of the pace of the sale. Quite often lots opening and closing will have very similar time frames. We use a “Going Once, Going Twice, Sold” procedure during the live auction. You should click the “bid” button as quickly as possible to insure that your bid is sent and received by us prior to the closing of the lot.

6. If you are the current high bidder, your bid will register GREEN on the screen. If you have been outbid, your bid will register RED.