Materials Needed

We sell U.S. and Worldwide collections, accumulations, balance lots and dealer stock in our ABC auctions. We are long time specialists in U.S. B.O.B. material especially, U.S. Revenues. We want to discuss your collection and selling needs. All material in our possession is covered under our insurance policy.

We are very interested in obtaining consignments of individual U.S. and Country collections. Our clients look for mint or used, singles, sets or multiples. Also consignors with exhibition collections are eagerly desired.

Minimum Value Requirement

Consignments must have a minimum total value of $2,000. The minimum estimate lot value is $100.00. Lots with a lower value are grouped with other lots to form lots that meet the minimum value. Larger value lots may be broken down into smaller individual lots to maximize the overall results for the consignor. Our experience is that collectors purchase lots with lower values and they are willing to pay more than what dealers will pay for the same lot. Breaking down a large consignment into small units will almost always yield better results than selling large or expensive lots intact.

Valuating and Describing Lots

After all material from the consignment is divided into separate lots, each lot is given a detailed description that includes  a  listed catalog value or an estimated value. We use numerous  references (Scott Catalog) to determine catalog value. Estimated values are always calculated by our expert staff.  Using over 85 years of philatelic knowledge and market experience, our staff provides professional and informed evaluations of what we believe the material will bring in the current market place.

Our staff excels in writing accurate auction lot descriptions and endeavors to include any information the consignor wishes to add. On large or more valuable lots we list and describe individually better items that are contained within the lot. This helps bidders  understand what is in the lot and where the value is concentrated.

Marketing Plan

We market and advertise extensively for each of our ABC Auctions. Our customer database contains thousands of bidders and buyers of collections, accumulations and balance lots. We utilize both regular mail and email to notify our buyers of upcoming sales. We also use an email marketing system to reach our  bidders.

We advertise in philatelic publications. We also market each sale on our website and

In addition, we constantly and aggressively seek out new bidders via our eBAY and HipStamp Stores, and stamp shows.

Consignment Fees

Consignment fees for ABC Auctions vary slightly depending on the individual consignment. Consignors can expect a fee range of 10-20%. Consignments that require travel to obtain and ship or those that are exceptionally bulky will tend to have a higher fee. Also, consignments that require an extraordinary amount of staff labor to break down and describe will often have a higher fee.

The fee for high dollar consignments may be negotiated between the consignor and our firm.

Consignment Payments

Consignors in our ABC Auctions are paid 60 days after the date of the sale.