Lot: #313


Category: EUROPE
includes about 25,000 different mint and used singles and sets, there are some SS's and a few covers scattered, hinged in 20 large three ring binders, most countries run to about 2000 with some just slightly later, the overall condition is very clean with some faults to be expected in the early issues, values up to about $100 with some higher, the catalog value listed appears to be about eight years old, some of the better countries include: France($2,780), Norway($1,375), Denmark($4,888), Iceland($1,560), Luxembourg($1,850), Belgium($1,420), Germany Area($5,440), Switzerland($2,060), Austria($1,440), Italy Area($4,325), Turkey($1,350); a nice collection with a huge number of stamps and good amount of total catalog value
Scott Value: $35,100
Realized: $2600.00