Lot: #5


Category: FDC COVERS
includes about 1,125 various covers, loose in a medium sized box, there are some early covers but also very strong in the later issues, overall quite clean with maybe a few scattered faults due to handling, we noticed many better items like booklet panes, higher denomination and some better combo's, a nice lot to pick thorough, the total catalog value listed is our estimate
Scott Value: $5,000
Realized: $600.00
Lot: #6


Category: FDC COVERS
includes 825 mostly different silk cacheted covers in seven three ring binder albums, contained on black two sided stock pages, appears to be fairly complete for the period, the overall condition is really quite nice with all being pristine and maybe a scattered fault, there are many better covers in this collection including the early issues along with many higher denominations issues, a huge amount of catalog value with this one where there are many covers which retail in the $5-25 range and up, certainly one of the better collections we have offered, (ENV 750-1,000)
Realized: $525.00
Lot: #7

U.S. FDC COLLECTION, 1947-2003

Category: FDC COVERS
includes 2,630 mostly different FDC's, contained on black two sided stock pages in 22 albums in four large cartons, most are cacheted (421 are without cachets), with which there is: Artmaster, Artcraft, Fleetwood and some other smaller makers, the overall condition is very clean with only a few scattered faults, there are many better covers here which include many higher denominations and combination covers, certainly a huge amount of total catalog value in this collection, (ENV 500-750)
Realized: $400.00
Lot: #8


Category: FDC COVERS
includes several hundred covers, all are in the 1930's period, very good variety but there is some duplication, generally addressed but some unaddressed scattered, there are a good number of cachets including a set of "Grandy" Prexies up to the $2 and includes coils and booklets, there is also a nice showing of Airmails with a large number of various C23's, the overall condition is mixed and there are some faults to be expected, the catalog value listed is our estimate, a very good lot to pick through for the specialist in this area, values up to about $40 each, (ENV 500-600)
Scott Value: $3,000
Realized: $375.00
Lot: #9


Category: FDC COVERS
includes two large cartons jammed packed with mostly FDC's, about 90% of this lot is post 1970 and it is really quite strong in the last 20 years, very clean with maybe a scattered fault, good variety but we noticed some duplication, there are many bundled year sets, includes several various printers, we also noticed many higher denomination covers here which will kick up the value significantly, the total catalog value will be substancial, (ENV 300-400)
Realized: $260.00
Lot: #10


Category: FDC COVERS
includes about 335 mostly different FDC's, all are with the silk cachets and unaddressed, overall very clean, each cover is held in a clear plastic holder, take a look, (ENV 100-150)
Realized: $95.00
Lot: #11


Category: FDC COVERS
Eight different flat rate mailers with high value imprinted stamps, the lot includes: U652, 658, 660, 661(three different designs), 664 and 674; all are very clean, these items are vastly undervalued and seldom offered, the catalog value is from Scott
Scott Value: $147
Realized: $55.00