Lot: #146


includes several hundred singles, mounted on Scott album pages, most of the value is in the First Issue but there are some 2nd and 3rd issue stamps present, the overall condition is mixed and there are some faults to be expected, we noticed a number of premium cancels here, values up to about $900.00 with some higher, some of the better stamps include: R1a, 2c, 13b, 14c, 17c, 19a, 21c, 32a, 34b(st/3), 40a(blk/4), 43a, 45a, 47a, 47b(XF+), 51a, 52b, 56a, 58b, 62a, 64a-65a, 67a, 70a, 73c-74c, 75a, 76-79c, 81a(2), 83c, 86c-87c, 90c, 91a, 94c, 98c, 101c, 106, 113-17, 129, 134, 135b(invert), 138, 140-41, 148; this is a nice collection with plenty of speciality material and a good amount of catalog value, well worth a good look, we have scanned virtually every page in this collection and those images are available on our website
Scott Value: $15,130
Realized: $3300.00
Lot: #147


includes a couple hundred mostly different, mounted on album pages, the overall condition is pretty clean with some faults to be expected, there are no "iffy" part perfs or imperfs here, some of the better stamps include: R1b, 2c, 12c, 14c, 17c, 19a, 52a, 52b, 64a, 67a, 89a, 32-96c, 98c, 99c(faulty), 101c, 106, 108, 113-14, 116, 134, 138, 142, 145-46, 149; this is a much better than normal collection for this area, we have scanned all the pages from this collection and they are available on our website, take a good look at this one
Scott Value: $9,230
Realized: $1450.00