Lot: #179


Category: HAWAII
includes hundreds of mint and used singles and multiples along with some covers, on album pages, stock pages and loose, pretty good variety but there is duplication, we noticed several better cancels included, the overall condition is mixed and there are some faults to be expected but generally a clean looking lot, there should be several thousand dollars total catalog value for this group, take a look at this one, (ENV 1,500-1,750)
Realized: $2300.00
Lot: #180


Category: HAWAII
interesting group of a few dozen various classic Hawaiian Numerals, neatly sorted on stock pages of a small stock book, most appear and are notated as forgeries, there are some that appear okay, the condition is mixed as is the norm, viewing is suggested to ascertain what is here and we are offering this lot "as is", a wonderful group for the specialist in this area, (ENV 750-850)
Realized: $600.00
Lot: #181


Category: HAWAII
a few dozen mint and used singles, hinged on small album pages, good variety, most of the value here is in the cancels of which there are several with values in the $10-30 range for common stamps, the overall condition is pretty clean but some faults to be expected, a really good lot for the specialist in this area
Scott Value: $609
Realized: $200.00