Lot: #239


Category: ICELAND
includes several dozen singles and sets, mounted on Scott Speciality pages, runs to about 1997 and includes some multiples and S/S's, the overall condition is quite clean with mostly sound but a few faults to be expected in the early issues, quite complete for the period, well worth a good look and one of the better used collections from this country we have ever offered, we have provided a number of scans of this collection on our website
Scott Value: $13,000
Realized: $2100.00
Lot: #240


Category: ICELAND
several hundred singles, sets and S/S's, mounted in a Scott Speciality album, the collection runs to about 1994 and includes a nice B.O.B. section, fairly complete after 1900, the overall condition is really pretty nice with many Very Fine items, generally hinged to about 1960 with some scattered NH earlier, there are many better singles and sets here with values over $300, a very worthwhile collection and easily one of the better mint Iceland collections we have offered in quite some time, we have included an number of scans on our website, take a good look at this one it has a huge amount of retail value
Scott Value: $12,000
Realized: $2100.00
Lot: #241


Category: ICELAND
includes a few thousand various mint and used but mostly used, most of value here is on black stock pages and then there is a group of approval pages with lower value stamps, the overall condition is pretty clean with some scattered faults, there are some items with values up to about $500(#13) and plenty in the $100 range, a nice starter collection with a nice showing of stamps, take a look
Scott Value: $4,700
Realized: $500.00