Lot: #182


includes several thousand mixed mint and used singles and sets, mounted on Scott hingeless album pages in an album, the overall condition is mixed and there are faults but for the most part this is a pretty clean collection with many Very Fine stamps, there are several items with values in the $50-150 range with some higher, the Possessions break out as follows: Guam($403), Canal Zone($584), Hawaii($2,113), Philippines($2,304), Ryukyu($838), Cuba($106) and Puerto Rico($70); plenty of stamps and a good amount of catalog value, take a look at this one
Scott Value: $6,400
Realized: $1150.00
Lot: #183


includes several hundred mint and used but mostly mint singles and sets, housed in 102 cards, there is some duplication with quantites generally in the 1-3 range with a few higher, retail values run up to about $15.00 with a few higher, the overall condition is really pretty clean with some faults to be expected, the lot includes: Canal Zone, DWI, Philippines, strong Ryukyu, Marshall Island, Micronesia, Palau; there appears to be about $4,100 in retail value, a real good start here, (ENV 400-450)
Realized: $350.00