Lot: #1


Category: PRE 1900 COVERS
includes 17 various covers, most with corner advertising, some have billheads and enclosures, the overall condition is mixed and faults and reductions are to be expected, there is one valentine cover included, a very nice group worth a good look, also includes a 1899 Mich. State Fair button and illustrated cover, (ENV 300-400)
Realized: $210.00
Lot: #2


includes a group of about 20 various later Official covers, some are imprinted and some have stamps from the 1910 issue, usual mixed condition, mostly used but also includes some unused, a nice group for the specialist in this area, (ENV 250-300)
Realized: $140.00
Lot: #4


includes about 275 various covers, all are sleeved in plastic holders and identified by the A.P.O. location, mixed with adhesives, postal imprints and some "Free" frankings, the overall condition is mixed and faults are to be expected, a very nice variety of these popular covers, approximate retail is over $750.00, plenty of useful covers here, (ENV 150-200)
Realized: $95.00
Lot: #5


Category: FDC COVERS
includes about 1,125 various covers, loose in a medium sized box, there are some early covers but also very strong in the later issues, overall quite clean with maybe a few scattered faults due to handling, we noticed many better items like booklet panes, higher denomination and some better combo's, a nice lot to pick thorough, the total catalog value listed is our estimate
Scott Value: $5,000
Realized: $600.00
Lot: #6


Category: FDC COVERS
includes 825 mostly different silk cacheted covers in seven three ring binder albums, contained on black two sided stock pages, appears to be fairly complete for the period, the overall condition is really quite nice with all being pristine and maybe a scattered fault, there are many better covers in this collection including the early issues along with many higher denominations issues, a huge amount of catalog value with this one where there are many covers which retail in the $5-25 range and up, certainly one of the better collections we have offered, (ENV 750-1,000)
Realized: $525.00
Lot: #7

U.S. FDC COLLECTION, 1947-2003

Category: FDC COVERS
includes 2,630 mostly different FDC's, contained on black two sided stock pages in 22 albums in four large cartons, most are cacheted (421 are without cachets), with which there is: Artmaster, Artcraft, Fleetwood and some other smaller makers, the overall condition is very clean with only a few scattered faults, there are many better covers here which include many higher denominations and combination covers, certainly a huge amount of total catalog value in this collection, (ENV 500-750)
Realized: $400.00
Lot: #8


Category: FDC COVERS
includes several hundred covers, all are in the 1930's period, very good variety but there is some duplication, generally addressed but some unaddressed scattered, there are a good number of cachets including a set of "Grandy" Prexies up to the $2 and includes coils and booklets, there is also a nice showing of Airmails with a large number of various C23's, the overall condition is mixed and there are some faults to be expected, the catalog value listed is our estimate, a very good lot to pick through for the specialist in this area, values up to about $40 each, (ENV 500-600)
Scott Value: $3,000
Realized: $375.00
Lot: #9


Category: FDC COVERS
includes two large cartons jammed packed with mostly FDC's, about 90% of this lot is post 1970 and it is really quite strong in the last 20 years, very clean with maybe a scattered fault, good variety but we noticed some duplication, there are many bundled year sets, includes several various printers, we also noticed many higher denomination covers here which will kick up the value significantly, the total catalog value will be substancial, (ENV 300-400)
Realized: $260.00
Lot: #10


Category: FDC COVERS
includes about 335 mostly different FDC's, all are with the silk cachets and unaddressed, overall very clean, each cover is held in a clear plastic holder, take a look, (ENV 100-150)
Realized: $95.00
Lot: #11


Category: FDC COVERS
Eight different flat rate mailers with high value imprinted stamps, the lot includes: U652, 658, 660, 661(three different designs), 664 and 674; all are very clean, these items are vastly undervalued and seldom offered, the catalog value is from Scott
Scott Value: $147
Realized: $55.00
Lot: #12


Category: MISC. COVERS
there are two basic parts to this group, there are about 1,000 somewhat better covers which are in albums, stock books and loose and then there are about 5,000 covers in seven show cover style boxes jammed packed into three large cartons, these are the bulky part to the lot and includes the majority of the covers and most would retail in the $3-10 range with maybe a hundred or so which are worth in the $10-25 range, the albums have many covers with values in the $25-50 range and plenty in the $10-25 range, there is an amazing array of different towns here and may we suspect are really quite scarce, the overall collection is mainly in the 1930-45 range with some later and some earlier(back into the teens and twenties), the overall condition is mixed and there are faults to be expected, there is perhaps a 1,000 legal sized Penalty covers, many of the covers are from some of the more famous Alaska postal history collections like: Buchheit(there are a couple thousand various covers from this man), Warren, Anderson, Stanton, Koestler, Moffett, Roe and others, there are a good number of commercial covers included and also a few dozen post cards, without question this is the most extensive Alaska postal history collection we have ever offered and the potential retail value is substancial, we feel at $2.50 a cover this offering is a tremendous bargain given market prices on Alaska postal history being offered online, we have included numerous scans to help any potential bidder with their interest level and evaluation but view this lot in person will be a huge advantage to the specialist in this area as there are certainly several hundred better covers and town here, if you are a serious student in this area don't let this one slip by as collections with this many covers only come up every few generations, (ENV 15,000-20,000)
Realized: $9000.00
Lot: #13


Category: MISC. COVERS
includes several hundred mostly different Souvenir Pages, mounted in eight three ring binders, the collection runs from 1972-2005 and appears to be nearly complete with maybe 15-20 missing, the overall condition is very clean with only some scattered faults, the catalog value listed is from Brookman, a very nice collection with many better pages included
Scott Value: $10,000
Realized: $1000.00
Lot: #16


Category: MISC. COVERS
includes a nice selection of various postcards, most are in the 1910-40 period with some later, all are enclosed in poly sleeves, good variety but there is some scattered duplication, usual mixed condition for this area, each item is priced with values in the $1-10 with some higher, a pretty much ready to go stock, (ENV 100-150)
Realized: $32.00
Lot: #17


Category: MISC. COVERS
includes maybe a couple hundred various picture postcards, there are a number of real photos and many with good subjects, usual mixed condition, appears unpicked, we noticed a few cards in the $3-10 range, take a look, (ENV 125-150)
Realized: $100.00
Lot: #18


Category: U.S.
includes hundred of mint and used singles and some multiples, about 70% are used and the rest mint, some of the mint is NH, contained on hundreds of fresh 102 cards, identified and cataloged by Scott, quantities generally range in the 1-3 range per card but some up to about 10 of each, virtually all the items in this stock catalog $20-25 each as singles and run up to about $800 with a few higher, the overall condition is mixed but for the most part most of this inventory is sound with some faults to be expected in the early issues, the key to this lot is that almost every stamp is Fine centering or better, some faults yes but a really good looking lot and quite saleable with this much better than the norm quality, there are early issues (starts with a #1) and runs into the 1920's with a very strong Washingtion-Franklin section, most of the coils here look okay, some 1922-25 series but not much after that, then there is a nice B.O.B. section with Airmails and strong Special Delivery but also includes Dues, Officials and some other misc. items including Ducks, this very high catalog value lot is pretty much ready to go with CURRENT catalog values listed and identification being very accurate so a huge amount of labor is already done, broken down into individual lots for mail auction, retail or internet retail will be extremely easy, we have included a number of scans of the higher value cards on our website and in fact these scans account for about 45% of the total value in the lot, if you need inventory do not let this opportunity slide by
Scott Value: $100,500
Realized: $13000.00
Lot: #19


Category: U.S.
includes several hundred mint singles, contained on a couple hundred black 102 cards, virtaully all the stamps here are in the $50-300 range with a few higher, only some slight duplication with quantities in the 1-3 range with a few higher, the key to this lot is the overall clean high quality, many are NH and most are F-VF or better and nearly completely sound, starts about 1900 and runs to about 1940 and there is some B.O.B. material included, we have included a number of scans on our website for the serious and interested bidder, this lot is NOT the normal run of the mill U.S. balance and the overall quality and value should push the hammer price close to 25% of catalog which will still be a bargain for the person taking time to break this lot down for individual retail sale
Scott Value: $17,000
Realized: $3400.00
Lot: #20


Category: U.S.
includes several hundred singles, sets and some SS's, contained on black stock pages, mixed mint and used, there are very few stamps which catalog under $10 with a large number in the $50-250 range, strong in Classics and Banknotes, real good Washington-Franklins, some material in the 1920's and 30's, strong Airmails and Officials, Possessions include: Canal Zone, Hawaii, DWI, Confederates, the overall condition is mixed and there are faults to be expected but generally a pretty clean lot with loads of value, a great lot to breakdown for a mail sale or internet retail, take a good look at this one which has a good amount of retail value
Scott Value: $24,935
Realized: $3800.00